Best Apps To Get Free Google Play Money Codes

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Best Apps To Get Free Google Play Money Codes

free google play money codes

If Google Play Store is the place where you spend most of your time, then Free Google Play money can be of your great used as well. With the help of free Google play gift cards, you can get all the applications which cost real money.

Generally, people do not prefer spending their hard earned money on virtual things like getting movies, games, music, etc. Google Play Store is a hub of apps and having free credits can make your life easy. Here are several ways through which you can earn some free Google play credits:

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one popular online prize portal. It is a portal where people can watch videos, fill surveys, play games and earn money out of it. It is one of the most common ways of getting free Google play money codes.

The amount remains in the Google Play account, and the user is supposed to use the amount in the way they want. People who require Google credits can convert them into a Google Play gift card. There are other ways of redeeming money as well, but this way is more preferable for active Google Play store users.

  1. InstaGC

InstaGC is a more flexible means to earn Free Google play money. People get rewarded for watching ads, videos, shopping online or browsing the web.10 bonus points are given for signing up and later, points are provided for the actions undertaken in this game. 100 points are equivalent to $1 in terms of gift cards. Sometimes, bonus points are given for product trials, listening to music in sponsored schemes.

  1. Google Opinion Awards

Google Opinion Rewards is the most genuine and rewarding means of getting free Google Play Store codes. No money is needed to be submitted to use this app. Google Opinion Rewards sends free surveys at least a week to let you earn Free Google play credits.

Google itself undertakes the surveys. The answers are used by the company to formulate policies and services. They help in R&D functioning of the company. The questions are simple and relevant; there will be no difficulty in answering them. Simply fill these surveys in your free time and get rewarded. The app is free and is accessible on every Android device. You can earn up to $1 every day.

  1. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is an app that provides gift cards usable for Google Play Xbox, etc. The app rewards the users and terms of points when they try any app or game. The points can be redeemed as your Google Play Store gift card.

  1. AppNana

AppNana is similar to all the apps that are mentioned above. This app rewards you for playing a game, watching a video or taking a survey. The points earned can be converted into Google Play money codes. There are more options to redeem as well.

  1. Tap Cash Rewards

In Tap Cash Rewards, users get credits by downloading free apps and games. This way they can redeem free gift cards. This gift cards can be utilized for Amazon, Skype, Google Play Store, Xbox, etc.

  1. Buy yourself a Chromecast device

Whenever one buys a chromecast device or registers their device, that user qualifies to get a Chromecast offer. As a marketing scheme, Google Play credits are given to the users. The amount can be 5$ or $25; it depends on the offer that is prevailing.

  1. WHAFF Rewards

Whaff rewards is yet another means of earning free Google play money codes. One needs to link their Facebook account with the application, and then you can start earning points by downloading apps and games.

Keeping the apps and games for a more extended period of time can help you achieve more points, which means more money. The payout options are also very flexible. You can redeem your points in terms of Google Play credits, PlayStation or any other online gift card. You can also convert it in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  1. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints provide points for downloading apps and trying them. These apps can be games, music, books or the latest Messenger App. You also get points for watching advertisements. Most of all, you get points for referring this app to your friends.

FeaturePoints will provide you with 50% of the points they earn. When you want to redeem your points regarding Google play money codes, please make sure you have points enough to make them equivalent to $10 or a $15 gift card. An option lower than this is not available.

Note: The options mentioned above are currently active. Every app has been tried and tested before mentioning in the blog.

How to redeem your free Google Play gift cards:

Open your Google Play Store app
Go to the menu option and go to the ‘Redeem’ option
Enter the code of your Google Play gift card
Click ‘Redeem’

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