Easily Get Free Amazon Gift Codes Worth 100$

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Easily Get Free Amazon Gift Codes Worth 100$

free amazon gift codes

Amazon is one solution to every problem of one’s life. Name a thing, and there is no chance that it will not be available on Amazon. This is the reason why Amazon is the most preferred and famous online shopping application. Considering that, Free Amazon gift codes shall be of great use to people who use Amazon frequently.

Working ways of getting free Amazon gift cards codes

Filling surveys

Filling surveys are the most common and efficient way of getting free Amazon gift cards. The servers are very beneficial to marketing agencies, companies, brands to produce better goods which cater to their customers appropriately.

The service takes very less time, that is why they can be a good source of part-time income. Many websites conduct a survey, but only some are genuine and pay for the surveys filled.

Apps like Survey Junkie, InstaGC, Swagbucks, MyPoints, AppNana are a few of the most genuine and authentic sites for survey conducting.


One can easily download this application in their Smartphones and use it. It is a great GPT site that helps people to earn Free Amazon gift codes. The users are given a set of tasks which includes filling surveys, watching videos, playing games, testing products, doing web Research, and shopping.

The rewards are provided in the form of currency of Swagbucks. This currency can be converted in the form of PayPal balance, Paytm balance or Free Amazon gift codes. You can redeem the amount when your account balance reaches $3.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a popular online survey site. Users can log in here and earn points by filling surveys. This website is strictly for filling surveys. The points received can be converted in the form of free Amazon gift codes or any other E-Commerce gift card. Paypal cash can also be accepted when the balance is $10.

Rest of the applications run on the similar track. You can download any of the mentioned above.

Microsoft rewards

One can sign up in Microsoft rewards and make Bing Browser as a default search engine. For every search on their computer or mobile, users get points. There are five points for each web search. After collecting 5000 points, you can get a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Amazon gift cards directly from Amazon

Amazon itself provides free Amazon gift cards. Mostly Amazon discounts are prevalent, but Amazon coupons are also a temporary thing. They are offered at times of occasions or any specific item. This Amazon coupon offer usually runs on the grocery, health and beauty category. Make sure you do a check before you buy something.

Another means of getting free Amazon gift certificate is the Amazon trade-in. Amazon buys the unwanted items of yours which fall under the category of Books, Wireless devices, tablets, Smartwatches, DVDs, Music, etc. The trading can also be conducted when you want to upgrade your device to the new version. Amazon trade-in is a decent option but not a very lucrative one. Sometimes, the rate of exchange is too low.

If you are a blogger or you run a website, you can get free Amazon gift certificate by recommending products sold on Amazon. You can be an Amazon Associate, and when a customer purchases an item from your product link, you receive a small Commission in terms of cash or a gift card.

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Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mturk is an application created by Amazon. It is an excellent way of making money online by doing some micro jobs. These micro jobs can be answering service, entering data, transcribing video and audio, etc.

These will be the tasks which will take very less time and ensure you a part-time income. The income can be converted into cash or a free Amazon gift certificate.
Redeeming and Reloading your Amazon balance will provide the user’s loyalty bonus.

Shopping apps that provide Amazon gift cards

There are many apps which provides you with free Amazon gift certificate for shopping. There are many websites like Ibotta, ShopKick, Elite Deal Club, Listia, BerryCart, Mobee, Receipt Hog, etc.


Whenever you shop in your locality, be it a Grocery store, Convenience Store, Restaurants, Pharmacy, etc. When you reach the store, you have to activate the Ibotta app offers and take a photograph of your bill. After your bill has been accepted by the Ibotta app, you will receive your credits automatically. Signing in the app will get you $100.


Shopkick provides you with three different ways of earning points.

  • Walking into the score and scanning barcodes
  • Viewing online stores and recording prices
  • Watching videos
  • Bonus points will be provided when a purchase is made in a physical Store.
  • The best part is, even if you do not buy anything you can still get Amazon gift codes.

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